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Rediscovering Beauty in an Image

From Sony to Canon to Fuji to Nikon, there can be no doubt the field of high-performance cameras is an increasingly crowded place. While some might refer to this as photography’s golden age, in my opinion the camera remains a tool. Its only function is to seamlessly execute what you aim to accomplish creatively. Only Leica has steadfastly maintained the philosophy of “photographer knows best”. From the ultra-performance SL system to the ultra-simple M system – and let’s not forget the ultimate hybrid, the Q3 – this approach to design has proven itself repeatedly since the day Oskar Barnack persuaded...…

Kickstarter for "The History War" a photobook by Larry Towell

Dear friends, Join me and the Camtec team in supporting Larry's Kickstarter campaign page to complete his new documentary book project "The History War” Larry Towell’s work in Ukraine during the past decade produced some of the most compelling and human stories of this tragic conflict and the war that pursued it.  He is asking for our help to complete this very important documentary work and bring it to fruition. A project well deserved of your support. Warm regards, Jean Bardaji Here’s a message we received from Larry this morning, September 20th: Dear backers & friends  I am almost there….This...…

Announcing the Winners of our Fujifilm Photo Contest

What did you do last Summer? Based on the terrific quality of your entries, the answer is clear: practiced the art of photography at its very highest level! Many thanks to all our entrants. You never fail to amaze us with your boundless imagination and talent. It was hard to choose only three winners, so we decided on giving 4 honourable mentions alongside 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.   Without further ado, our winners are: 1st prize, Vincenzo d’Alto: A decisive moment and a dynamic composition, this is a timeless photo that will raise your spirits in any season. 2nd...…

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