Parallax, December 2023

Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers,

Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.


Leica’s Homage to Elliott Erwitt

I was one of the fortunate attendees during October’s Celebration of Photography at Leitz-Park, where master photographer Elliott Erwitt was welcomed into the Leica Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, with advanced years, he was unable to attend. While it was disappointing not to have seen him, I had met him in 2014 and can attest to his sharp wit and accommodating personality.

The event was a celebration of a life well lived. The beauty and spontaneity that he brought to photography will remain with us forever. The ultimate people watcher, Erwitt’s gift is one of impromptu moments; unstudied, impulsive and unsolicited actions that stand as testaments to our humanity.

Being that it was short trip to a place I’ve been many times before, I took my Leica Q as a companion, snapping some pictures around Wetzlar before heading to Paris for a few days to see family. Even in this brief time, I was reminded that autumn in Europe is magical. See Gallery.

M is for those Moments

When subject, light and a point in time coalesce to create the mystique you are seeing and feeling, that is when an M shines. Today, more than ever, our selection of M cameras – current, pre-owned, digital or film – is more complete and reasonably priced than ever.

If you’ve been considering a Leica M to enhance your visual exploration, there’s never been a better time to make it happen. Please browse our pre-owned section.

Inspiration and Revelation!

Whenever I peruse a photo book, immersing myself in the images and reading the text to understand the narrative and purpose of the photographer, I feel motivated and encouraged.

We’ve been doubling our efforts to increase the range and availability of offerings in our curated book section. I am especially proud of this collection which reflects photography that I love. I am confident that any one of these books will make a much-appreciated gift for a photo enthusiast, including a well-deserved gift to yourself!

Here is a sampling of new editions that we are currently featuring:

Zeke In the magazine section, we are happy to stock a good selection of this magazine published four times yearly by the Social Documentary Network. Spanning the landscape of current world events, it’s in-depth photojournalism in an era where we’ve grown accustomed to soundbites and shallow reporting.

Une Poignée D’Étoiles A contemplative work by Bernard Carrière, a favourite Quebec photographer, artist and observer.

Saul Leiter: The Centennial RetrospectiveFans will love this compilation of images, one of the largest I’ve seen highlighting Leiter’s unique talent in black and white and colour. You will enjoy insights into his early life and as you turn the pages, experience the genesis of his style.

Trolley A small book, it’s the story behind Robert Frank’s New Orlean’s photographs and how one image set him down the path to produce his seminal work, The Americans.

Midi quinze à Mumbai  An in-depth photographic essay that Charles Gauthier accomplished between 2013 and 2015. More true to life than the over-the-top colourful photographs that you’ve seen of India and its inhabitants. 

– Last but not least, it’s a quirky collection of William Eggleston’s colour photography  that becomes more poignant in this format. True to his style, he makes the mundane look glorious.

Q3 – the Camera for all Reasons and Seasons

No matter what inspires you to grab a camera when you set out on your way, the Q3 will make your journey more rewarding and complete. This camera hones how you see, making you more aware of surroundings while instilling pleasure to the process. Its seamless ease of operation and knack for capturing the scene under any condition will give you years of appreciation and enjoyment.

Quantities are steadily arriving and the waiting time is barely a couple of weeks. We’ll be happy to add your name to our priority waiting list, and promise our best to deliver your Q3 with the shortest delay. Your patience is required and appreciated.

Vintage or Current?

As many of you know, we love anything and everything connected to the meaningful photographs from the past. New cameras with their perfected sensors can produce both character and a signature look when combined with older Leica, Canon or Nikkor lenses. This out-of-the-box matching can help unlock creative possibilities and may prove to be the elixir to reinvigorate your photography.

Whether vintage or slightly used, we are extremely strict in what we accept as trade-ins. Every item is thoroughly examined and tested, so rest assured the price is fair and the lens first-rate!

Here are some of the excellent finds currently available in our pre-owned section.  Be certain to visit frequently, as we continuously update the site with our best buys.

If you just can’t decide what to surprise the upcoming or passionate photographer with, for a limited time we’re pitching in with a “discounted” gift card.

*A $575 gift certificate will cost you $500

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Montreal has now had its first major snowfall. Winter is underway and the Holiday Season is nearly upon us. The entire Camtec Photo team – Emmanuel, Francis, Julien, Fred, Robert, David, our two wonderful ladies who run our quality lab, Karouna and Laura, and I – wish you and your family a merry Christmas, and a 2024 filled with health, happiness and beautiful light!

Always looking forward to your comments.

Photographically yours,

Jean Bardaji and Daniel Wiener