Parallax, June 2023

Dear rangefinder enthusiasts and classic photographers,

Thank you for allowing us to share some news and random thoughts with you.


It’s been a long time. I’ll come clean and plead a combination of laziness and being caught up in a whirlwind of trivial responsibilities that increases with age and takes its toll on the retail end. Good news is our Camtec team is perfectly intact and tight Nothing makes me happier than working with Emmanuel, Francis and Julien as well as the entire troupe at our McGill location and photo lab.


A Fond Farewell to an Old Master

While we have accepted the drama and sorrow of the past two years, one event that filled me with sadness was the passing of George Zimbel.

Since he arrived in Montreal in the early 80s, George has been a constant source of inspiration, wisdom and encouragement. With a quick mind and an eye that truly sees, appreciates and respects, he represented the best of what a human and a photographer can be. I am forever appreciative that our paths crossed. Please read the beautiful tribute written by one of his friends, Jean-François Nadeau of Le Devoir.

One of George’s final deeds was the compilation, editing and design of a retrospective of his life’s work as a humanist photographer. For people unfamiliar with his images as well as those of us who are unabashed fans, Momentoavailable in both English and French – is a profound statement of optimism from a most-accomplished commentator on the human condition. George’s images shine bright, and his text and poetry are poignant and beautiful.

An Open Book

As visitors to the Boutique are aware, curating a selection of photo books is a personal passion. Here are a few new editions I’m excited to present to you.

Fabrice Tripoli is a former resident of Quebec City who, long ago, relocated to Toronto. He’s been part of the photographic scene both as lab technician for many eminent photographers, as we as behind the camera. Synchronicity is his recent book, a compilation of black-and-white photographs done in and around Toronto in the 1990s and 2000s. Capturing the idiosyncratic nature of what we misguidedly refer to as everyday life, it’s a nice effort and well worth your attention.

Alain de Lotbinière is a devotee of old Russian literature and the images that writing evokes. A few years ago he set out to capture the beauty and mystery of that faraway land. The result is Russian Soul. The production values and layout elevate what are already spellbinding black-and-white images. Shot with an M Monochrom, the tonal range and depth in these images will touch your soul.

The original edition of The Mennonites by Larry Towell was published in 2000. It remains one of the seminal works of documentary photography. Now, a redesigned and reedited version is available. Equally compelling, it remains an important glimpse into the lives of a unique culture as they continue to live in their rural surroundings, much as they did 5 centuries ago.


Q3: The Quartermaster’s Camera of Choice

If James Bond’s Q has a solution to every challenge, then the new Leica Q3 will serve up the perfect resolution to any photographic situation.

While the improvements of the Q2 were practical and expansive when compared to its formidable Leica Q predecessor, the improvements in the Q3 are more incremental. The flip screen is handy, the improvement in autofocus speed and detection will appeal to the high-performance seeker, and the higher resolution will ensure superb quality even with cropped images.

As expected, quantities will trickle in. We’ll be happy to put your name on our priority waiting list, and promise our best to deliver your camera with the shortest delay. Your patience is required and appreciated.



It’s around the corner, and for those of us who feel jaded after interminable winter and think there’s little to photograph on our familiar streets, get out your camera and think again!

For inspiration, take a look at these exciting and fresh images of Montreal courtesy of our favourite peripatetic adventurer, writer and amateur photographer extraordinaire, Mike Hayes. He recently visited from his home in Cornwall, UK. Through his camera’s eye, we can rekindle love for our city.




Always looking forward to your comments.

Photographically yours,

Jean Bardaji and Daniel Wiener