Rediscovering Beauty in an Image

From Sony to Canon to Fuji to Nikon, there can be no doubt the field of high-performance cameras is an increasingly crowded place. While some might refer to this as photography’s golden age, in my opinion the camera remains a tool. Its only function is to seamlessly execute what you aim to accomplish creatively.

Only Leica has steadfastly maintained the philosophy of “photographer knows best”. From the ultra-performance SL system to the ultra-simple M system – and let’s not forget the ultimate hybrid, the Q3this approach to design has proven itself repeatedly since the day Oskar Barnack persuaded Ernst Leitz to develop a compact camera.

For over twenty years, Ragnar Axelsson has devoted himself to observing, studying and photographing the vast plains, rugged tundra, and resilient people of his native Iceland. Capturing the essence of nature in all its forms, at every hour of the day and amidst challenging weather conditions, is no small feat.

In recent years, Axelsson has chosen the Leica SL2 as his trusted companion. Its rugged build, intuitive design, and unwavering dependability make it the perfect tool for his craft. Paired with the unparalleled quality of both SL and compact M lenses, the result is a commanding collection of images that speak from the heart; photographs that reveal the bewitching side of human nature immersed in the splendor of the raw outdoors.

Marcus Bell uses his camera of choice, also an SL, in quite a different manner. His bailiwick is the urban environment with its interaction between people and surroundings. Here too, with speed and seamless execution, the SL system does not miss a beat.


Bundled up!

The SL2 or SL2S bundled with one of three high-quality native SL lenses already offer a saving of $1,250. And..

Between now and the end of the year, Leica has a generous Voucher program in effect. A $2,000 instant rebate on any of the SL2 bundles or an SL2 body with the Leica SL lens of your choice.

Additionally, starting November 20, 2023 through November 28, 2023, you will receive a complimentary Leica SF-40 flash and an extra battery for your SL to further enhance your Leica experience.

Leica merchandise continues to be scarce, even hard to get. Presently, we have SL cameras in stock. Of course, that most sought-after of Leicas, the Q3, remains in short supply, although our waiting list has shrunk. We are happy and grateful to take your order and, of course, will do our utmost to deliver your camera before the Holiday Season.

Lastly, the new “Right-Away” camera is the Leica Sofort. While the picture may be instant, you guessed it, the delivery isn’t. Good news is that we have plenty of all three flavors on order: perfect for under the tree!