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Our 2017 spring edition was a runaway success! I will confess that getting up early was a challenge, but what a rush these three days have been.

The poetic beauty of the Plateau with its rich, diverse and unique vibe set the table for our short, intense voyage of discovery; while the rain, cloud and sunshine provided the perfect accompaniment. 

Thank you one and all for the bottomless energy, boundless enthusiasm, and marvelous sense of wonder you brought to this M Vision workshop. A special thanks to Tom Smith for sharing his expertise, and to Mike Lee for all the goodies that he brought for us to try. Yves, I am filled with gratitude for your gracious hosting at your beautiful, light-filled studio.  

Mark Tomalty, your quick eye, sharp wit and overwhelming body of work were great motivators and will stand as continual inspiration. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

And then there is William Albert Allard, henceforth referred to as Bill. (Isn't that wonderful?) Bill, you are not only a master of capturing human nature at its most compelling and in its most beautiful form, but are also a leading example of how good, wonderful and endearing humankind can be. Your encyclopedic knowledge coupled with a wholehearted willingness to share not only enriched these three days, but will resonate for a lifetime. Thank you!  


Dear M Visionaries (and I steal this salutation from my great new friend, Jean Bardaji),

What a marvelous four days it was to share with you the streets of Montreal as seen through our Leicas.  I left feeling that I had learned something form just about everyone and hope that I passed on to all something of myself.  It's rare to see a workshop put together with such consideration of everyone's needs.

The food was marvelous, the workshop studio large and well suited for such a pursuit.  A few of the beginning cloudy days were followed by magnificent days of bright sun and perfect weather for walking

I enjoyed the camaraderie of Tom Smith and Mike Lee of Leica and felt fortunate that I came prepared with my Leica Q and had no need for a loan of anything.  To hang out with Yves in his wonderful studio and to view some prints from his magical eye was special.  To be assisted my Mark Tomalty and view his work was also special.  Our group was wide spread in disciplines with architects, press photography, high tech professionals...and on and on.  That kind of variety offers learning opportunities every day.  To see visual growth, of course, is the true pursuit of such a workshop and I think we found success in that regard.

I thank everyone for making my brief stay in Montreal a wonderful experience in so many ways.

My warmest regards to all,

William Albert Allard